Compliance Management System

Rest assured, everyone is trained and certified

With the TalentSystem5 Compliance Management System, you can manage the compliance of your entire workforce on autopilot, ensuring that training and certification requirements are met.

Automate Compliance Management

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving compliance requirements for your organization? Managing the compliance of a large workforce can be a daunting task, riddled with complexities and potential gaps. Our compliance management system is designed to alleviate these challenges by providing a automated solution.
Autopilot Mode for Seamless Compliance Management
Autopilot Compliance Management
With automated tracking, alerts, and notifications, our system ensures a comprehensive training matrix with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of compliance management. Say goodbye to the stress of tracking individual training progress, and embrace a streamlined compliance management process.
Effortlessly Create and Track Training Programs and Certifications
Efficient Training and Certification
With our compliance management system, creating and delivering training programs becomes a streamlined process. Our intuitive course builder allows compliance managers to design online training modules that effectively convey critical compliance information. The certification plugin proactively manages certification validities, eliminating compliance gaps and reducing the potential for non-compliance.
Seamlessly Manage Compliance Across the Globe
Global Accessibility
Whether your organization operates in one location or spans multiple countries, our compliance management system is designed to accommodate your global workforce. With support for multiple languages, you can provide training materials in the native language of your employees, ensuring effective comprehension and engagement.
Seamlessly Manage Compliance Across the Globe with Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
Our compliance management system offers detailed reporting features that provide comprehensive insights into compliance metrics. Generate customizable reports that highlight training progress, certification status, and overall compliance performance. These reports enable you to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and showcase compliance achievements to stakeholders.

Compliance Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we support over 10+ languages such as English, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, and more. We continuously add new languages.

Yes, TalentSystem5 has a great role system that allows you to set up access to reports for specific users. You can also use our powerful automation engine to deliver skills reports automatically to the inbox of managers.

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